Sailing to AenariaA project to enhance the Bay of Cartaromana

Underwater archaeology

An unforgettable experience, to the discovery of the underwater archaeological site of Aenaria.

The ancient Roman settlement of Aenaria

Well before the Borgo di Mare on the Bay of Cartaromana there was another settlement which was completely unknown until just a few years ago. We are talking about Aenaria, an urban aggregate from the Roman age which, today, due to the complex geological events of the island, lies below sea level at a depth of six metres. In 2011, an underwater archaeological research project began, revealing, year after year, the Roman era ruins of Aenaria and in particular its port and the walls of a seaside villa.

The archaeological site can be visited via a glass-bottomed boat; the excursion is introduced by the projection of a video that tells the story of the discovery and the underwater archaeological excavation methods and technologies. From the glass of the boat, you can also enjoy other natural features of the seabed of the Bay, including extensive posidonia oceanica and the gaseous emissions, now at the Centre of International Studies to analyse the phenomenon of ocean acidification.

Our guided tour

Between sun, sea and spas, we offer a 'cultural' break with the sea excursion to the ruins of the ancient Roman settlement of Aenaria, now completely submerged.

Introductive video projection (approximately 20 minutes)

Our guides will introduce the salient aspects of the structures that will be visited later at sea. The reconstruction of the settlement made from the analyses carried out on the finds will be described and the ongoing research work carried out over the years will be discussed.

Reaching the visit point (approximately 10 minutes)

You will then board our mirrored boat to quickly reach the visitation area.
The short ride will be an excellent opportunity to admire the most significant monumental aspects of the village (Aragonese Castle, Churches, Torre di Michelangelo, historic palazzi) from the sea while our guides briefly explain the history of the Bay and its marine biological peculiarities.

Visit to sea by boat (approximately 50 minutes)

Once the submerged site is reached, you will visit the archaeological area with the remains of the port dock in formwork, some stretches of track bed with masonry structures and other architectural remains, giving some idea of what the extension of the ancient Aenaria was like.

The ancient ruins of Aenaria can also be visited by booking an underwater tour.