Snorkelling & diving

Discovering the Cartaromana Bay seabed

If you're curious to get a more 'in-depth' view of Ischia Ponte, we propose diving itineraries both surface (snorkelling) and hyperbaric equipment excursions for everyone, given the reduced depth of the seabed, but rich in biological, geological and archaeological attractions.

You can visit the archaeological excavations of the ancient Roman settlement of Aenaria in the Bay of Cartaromana or the ruins of other Roman structures, or the characteristic gaseous emissions of carbon dioxide and the vast prairie of posidonia oceanica, after a short 'Aenaria archaeological tour' briefing in the Multimedia Learning Centre.

On the excursion, you can choose between being accompanied by an underwater guide (diving) or - if you prefer - flanked by a support boat (snorkelling)

La durata varia in base al numero di partecipanti e a cosa si decide di visitare.