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Four realities, one passion: our village

For over 30 years, we’ve been taking care of your vacations in the historical village of Ischia Ponte.

Il borgo di mare.
History for land and sea

Borgo di mare (seafaring village) is the first of many names given over the centuries to the nucleus of fishermen's houses that lies at the foot of the Aragonese Castle, today known as Ischia Ponte.
His name embodies our history: we are a group of fishermen and former fishermen, born and raised in Ischia Ponte, who today dedicate ourselves primarily to boating and cultural tourism assistance, to help visitors better appreciate the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this unique corner of our beautiful island. The Borgo di Mare is today - as well as a virtual showcase of our activities - also an info point located in the heart of the historic centre where you can get information on how to spend a day in contact with nature and book an excursion.

Ischia barche.
Tourism via the sea

ISCHIA BARCHE is a cooperative of 10 fishermen founded in 1988 to support fishing activity with boating assistance. We can take care of your boat for a quick and safe mooring or arrange one of our boats for sea excursions, with or without a sailor; or accompany you - still by sea - to small coves, restaurants or bathing establishments. If you are in a hurry, we can accompany you to anywhere on the Campanian coast or Pontine archipelago with our fast transfers.

Marina di Sant'Anna.
Ischia above and below the sea

The Marina di Sant'Anna is made up of the children of the Ischia Barche fishermen's cooperative. Founded in 2002 to assist Ischia Barche in its activities but most importantly to offer tourists a cultural element with guided tours by sea and land. The children of Marina di Sant'Anna are also committed in person, since 2011, to an underwater archaeology project, which has become the flagship of the company with the discovery of the ancient Roman settlement of Aenaria which lies at a depth of six metres in the Bay of Cartaromana.


M.EDU.SA was founded at the end of 2017 by Alessandra Benini, after acquiring a vast experience working for more than thirty years in the field of Cultural Heritage, specializing in marine archaeology, with the aim of using her knowledge, acquired in fieldwork for musealisation, for the protection and valorization of cultural and environmental heritages, as well as educational activities with lectures on historical-archaeological and environmental subjects.
As a Services Agency, M.EDU.SA is involved in the promotion of Tourism and Culture on the island of Ischia with a special focus on Ischia Ponte. In 2019 it was granted a three year permit by Mibact for the archaeological excavation of the underwater site of Aenaria. M.EDU.SA also carries out other land and underwater archaeological excavations, consulting services for the Evaluation of Archaeological Interest for public and private projects.
In 2018, on behalf of the Marine Protected Area Regno di Nettuno, M.EDU.SA conducted an "Environmental Research on Posidonia Oceanica Meadows - Marine Strategy".
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