Guided boat tours

Discovering the nature, stories and legends of the island

In Ischia, nature has a starring role. On this excursion, as well as visiting Ischia Ponte (with its palazzi, churches, colourful houses) and the beautiful Bay of Cartaromana from the sea, you'll visit the Grotta Verde (by swimming through a small hap in the cliffs, you'll enter a wide, natural cave with shallow water and soft sand, where the light turns everything green) and the Grotta del Mago (Magician's Grotto - which takes its name from an old legend passed down by the fishermen who took refuge in the event of sudden storms and were said to be greeted by an old man with a long white beard sitting on one of the rocks, the harbinger of a rich catch).

Skirting the lush south side of the island to Punta San Pancrazio, you'll reach the famous Scarrupata, the spectacular pebble beach that's difficult to reach from the ground, which bewitched Truman Capote during his stay in Ischia in the summer of 1949 and has remained virtually unchanged since then.