The Castello Aragonese

A local guide to discover the symbolic place of our island, its architecture, its secrets and the characters that made its history.

An itinerary in which unexpected views of the island of Ischia and breathtaking views of the Gulf of Naples are the backdrop to an exciting tale of historical events and lives of the most important and ancient Italian and European courts. A continuous alternation of views, lush nature, human events and architectures that seem to flow directly from the volcanic rock.

Even 200 years ago, Insula Minor, on which the Castle stands, houses almost 1,200 families on a permanent basis: an open air visit among the fragrances of the Mediterranean, easy trails, crops, millstones, churches, palazzi, terraces, the Convent of the Poor Clares with its adjoining cemetery (the charming putridarium in which the nuns were left to decompose), the Cattadrale dell'Assunta (Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption) with its thirteenth-century frescoed crypt from the school of Giotto, the Bourbon prison, the museums of armour and tools of torture.